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The Game

The character and two guards in front of a castle.

Finally, the game you've been waiting for: Dungeon Deities. Show your friends that you're the cleverest, and create the most fiendish traps sure to kill all of them. Then, when you're done, enter their dungeons, traverse their depths, navigate their difficult puzzles and traps, and finally, find their wealth and steal the most precious treasures: Their orbs, leaving them unable to use special attacks (such as shooting fireballs) in the midst of their own expeditions, or leaving them without their most protective spells.

And all this chaos, deeply intertwined with the Conflict of Red and Blue Kingdom -- steal the orbs of the other team, to make sure your own kingdom finally regains control of Violet Land! King Red/Queen Blue will be grateful for all your help!

Dungeons – Your holy keep

Each player protects their treasures by placing them deep in their dungeons. Opponents that don't make it to the golden chest reward you with the gold they collected until their death.

To ensure that players won't steal your valuable treasures, you can buy new items and tiles from the Merchant's shop (either select them yourself, or get booster packs with random items from his daughter Merchelle). Players rate the dungeons they've traversed -- and if you create cool dungeons, you won't get robbed as often (other players find copies, then).

Screenshot of the roomeditor with a lot of tiles, items and decoration.
A player fights a puzzle piece in a lava cave

Go on epic adventures...!

The dungeons built by others are waiting for you to beat them. Equipped with the finest armor and weapons you'll be facing riddles and powerful enemies. Once you find and open the golden treasure chest waiting deep inside the depths, you can finish the journey and take all the collected gold and treasures home with you. When you die however... you will inevitably lose some of what you found... before you come back again, ready to take on the next challenge!

Collect mighty spells.

Life is much easier with mighty spells and powerful skills on your side. In Dungeon Deities you might be powerful enough to create enormous dungeons on your own, but when it comes to defeating enemies, you have to rely on orbs to give you the power you need.

Those orbs can be found in dungeons of other players. In completing a dungeon, you will get the chance to steal an orb from your opponent's inventory. If you do so they will not be able to use this orb anymore in their journeys.

There are active and passive orbs. Active orbs grant you attacking skills like shooting firebolts, a spinning whirlwind attack, or summoning shadow entities that pull enemies into the walls. Passive orbs grant buffs, such as finding more money, spiky shoes for easier navigation on slippery ice or reflecting back enemy projectiles with your sword. During your adventures you can equip one of both, for countless combinations. You find different orbs constantly, always changing up the game!

A player gets an orb.