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Terms of Use

Welcome to Dungeon Deities! On this page, we list the terms of use that you'll have to agree to if you wish to register to the website or apply for closed beta access. Please also read through our privacy policy to learn about the use and storage of your data. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us by sending an email to support@dungeondeities.com, and we'll get back to you.

Your use of this website is governed by these Terms of Use, and we, registered as Johannes Martin and Tim Plath GbR, ("we", "us", or "onepixelgames") reserves the right to change both the Terms of Use, as well as our privacy policy. If we do, we will send out an email notifying you of the changes 30 days in advance. You understand that the service is provided "as-is", with no warranty of any kind. You especially agree that Onepixelgames shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this service or any provided software.


To register for this service, you must be at least 14 years old. With accepting this agreement, you assert that you are of legal age to register for this service, and that the information you use to register with us is correct and up-to-date.

You agree to behave nicely, and respect other users. In particular, you agree not to harrass, stalk, insult, or belittle people, and you understand that we reserve the right to ban you from the services in case you do. We do not tolerate racism, sexism or misogyny, and we wish for a competitive, but supportive and friendly community. We, or people we have entrusted with this action, may moderate the services we provide, but we have no obligation to do so. The same applies to links to other websites posted by users. Onepixelgames does not check those links, and we cannot be hold responsible for them.

You accept that mistakes may happen, and that other opinions may differ from yours. You may not abuse rating or reporting systems for user content, and you understand that we may chose to ban you from the service (that is, block your access to it) if you do so.


With your registration to this service, you grant us permission to send you E-Mails necessary for providing this service (for example, we may send you an E-Mail if you need to reset your password). Additionally, you grant us the right to inform via E-Mail of changes to our Terms of Use or our Privacy Policy, as well as new feature releases to the Game. We limit the latter to at most one E-Mail every two months.

Ingame Currency and Subscriptions

It is possible to buy a subscription to this service, which offers you additional features. To do so, you first purchase ingame currency diamonds, a fictional currency that can be used to obtain subscriptions. We do not generally refund diamonds or subscription time, and diamonds expire if your account is banned (see above).

User Content

You understand and accept that most of the content in this service is provided by the users. Onepixelgames provides a service for its users to share their works in a productive, supportive environment, and encourages you to create and share content.

You understand that such content is not approved or checked by us beforehand. Due to the nature of the internet, some of the content may be offensive, tasteless, harmful, or not suitable to minors. We provide a system that lets you notify us whenever you encounter such content, and we encourage you to use it. However, it is up to us (or people we have entrusted with this responsibility) to decide whether or not content will be removed based on our understanding of what constitutes "acceptable content". If your content gets removed, you can object to it by sending an email to support@dungeondeities.com .

By uploading the content to our servers, or by creating it with the tools we provide on this website, you assert that you are the sole owner of the content, do not infringe on the intellectual property of others, and own all the necessary rights to the content. You grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use and modify your content.

If you find content that infringes on your copyright, we apologize and take the content down immediately. Plese notify us at support@onepixelgames.com with the content in question, and, if reasonably possible, some proof that shows the content infringes on your copyright. Thank you!

Dungeon Deities is owned by Onepixelgames, and you must not copy, reverse-engineer or create derivative works of it.

Onepixelgames can unfortunately not guarantee that the service will be accessible at any given time, and you accept that due to maintenance, technical difficulties, or any other reason, the service may be inaccessible, or unplayable.

If some part of this document should prove to be in violation of law, the rest of this document shall not be affected.