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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Dungeon Deities! On this webpage and in the game, we collect some of your data. This is only done to provide the game service to you, and we don't share that data with anyone, unless we are forced to by law.

Non-Registered User

If you are not a registered user, and are not playing the game, our standard Privacy Policy applies, copied here for your convenience:

On certain parts of this or other pages, we may collect data from our users. Some of that happens automatically by communicating with your browser: This includes general information such as the browser you're using, or a rough attempt at guessing where you are based in the world, by checking your IP-adress. Those information is not stored in any way that'd allow us to personally identify you with it, and only the aggregated information of all users is used to improve our website design. Sometimes, you hand to us data, such as registering to a service we provide with an email adress. We use that data only for the purpose of delivering that service to you. All of your usage data is stored on our servers. We will never share that data with anyone (unless we're forced to by law). We will remove this data if you request us to do so. If no such function is provided as part of the service, ask us by sending us an email to support@dungeondeities.com or using the contact form.

The software we are using for anonymically tracking your usage data is called Piwik and is available under GPL v3 (or later) license. For fraud protection the webserver logs all HTTP requests with IP adress.

Registered Users

If you are a registered user and you are playing the game, we collect more data. Here, we list what kind of data we collect. Please understand that this data will be used (not in aggregated form), but only for managing and running the game (a simple example: we may note how long you've been playing the game, and once you're past a certain time, you may unlock new features). This includes maintenance and bugfixing (so a developer may look at your statistics in order to fix a bug) and the development of new features.

While you're playing the game on the webpage (dungeondeities.com), or in the client (that you download from this webpage), we collect play statistics, such as (but not limited to) enemies defeated, puzzles solved, dungeons traversed or time played. Some of that information is available to other registered users by looking at your "Stats"-page.

The client never reads out folders or file structures that do not belong to the game (it's own folder and subfolders) and communicates only game-related data to the server.

You may at any time (without stating a reason) decide to delete your account. If this feature is not yet implemented, send us an email to support@dungeondeities.com stating your registered username from the email adress used to register, and we'll delete your account and all data attached to it.

We use third-party software to guarantee that the E-Mails are reliably received by all users. To do this, it is necessary to share the E-Mail adresses with this service. We use MailChimp for this purpose, who take Privacy Matter extremely seriously. For more information, please visit https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/.

If some part of this policy should prove to be in violation of law, the rest of this policy shall not be affected.


If you are a registered user on the homepage or at the forums and choose to stay logged in while not using the service actively the system saves cookies on your computer to later identify you and let you proceed without entering a username and password. Once you are logged into the game, the system places a cookie with the name PHPSESSID on your computer to identify you every time you call a new page.