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Frequently asked Questions

The following is a list of answers to questions that come up regulary. If your question isn't answered here, don't hesitate and head over to the forums to ask your questions, or send us an email to support[at]dungeondeities.com.


Please be aware that some of these facts are answers to questions that may arise once you can log into the game and play it.


Dungeon Deities is part Browser-game, part realtime Dungeon Crawler. Players traverse the Dungeons of other players, carefully avoiding traps and battling enemies in search for treasures, which they can then steal. Naturally, you store your loot in your own dungeons, so make sure they are safe!

As you register, you'll be assigned to fight for either King Red, or Queen Blue - two fascinating personalities in eternal conflict with each other. Help your team out in one of the story events, and help your teammates as you create monumental towers that shall help you in your battle against the other kingdom.

For now the game did not start. We however approach a beta phase in which first only invited players will get the chance to play. After a few weeks we will then proceed to an open beta where everyone can register. If you want to be considered for the closed beta, please head over to the beta registration page.

The two teams work together in challenges. You'll also mostly traverse the dungeons of players from the other team (secretly). But don't worry, you'll be able to play cool dungeons people from your team made as well. Apart from that, you read slightly different texts, as either King Red or Queen Blue will give you challenges and talk to you.

Your friend can just invite you which will put you on the same team as she is.

We might have to reset all player progress after the beta. If this happens we will refund all diamonds that have been in your inventory at the time of the reset. Additionally we will refund all diamonds for subscriptions that are active at the time of the reset. We will not refund diamonds you invest in passes that have expired at the time of the reset.


If you play with a keyboard, you'll control the hero with [W], [A], [S], [D] or the arrow keys. To attack or interact (open chests, etc.), use [SPACE], and to use orbs, use [SHIFT]. The status screen, from which you can manage equipment, orbs and the map, can be accessed with [TAB]. If you play with a gamepad (which we recommend), you can set it up in the Options-screen. To skip texts, you can use [SHIFT] or whichever joystick-button you assigned to orbs.

Some joysticks and joypads don't reset back to the perfect zero position if you let go, making it impossible for you to stand still. To counter that, the game can ignore the joystick if it detects it being close to the center. This value depends on your joypad, and you'll have to experiment what "feels right". Try starting with about 50 or 60.

The World

Check Violet TV to hear what's going on in Violet Land! Our resident reporter Violet tells you all you need to know. The TOP STORY is about the current challenge event, and the rest are skits to watch. To see what Violet TV has to offer, go to the TV in the throne room and hit [SPACE] (or whatever joystick button you've assigned to "attack").

From time to time, you'll find gear in dungeons, and you may also sometimes get it in presents. Weapons, armor, helmets and lots of other stuff. Gear you find will be transported to your storage - check "My storage" to move stuff to your personal belongings that you'll take into the dungeon. Otherwise, you won't be able to use it! To equip your gear, go to the status screen (with [ENTER]), and select it from your inventory. To unequip gear, select the equipped gear in the left overview.

Orbs are mythical, magic objects that grant you special abilities or skew the rules in your favor. You can only take a small selection of your orbs with you to the dungeons -- the more dungeons you build and make ready for others, the more of them can you take! From the selection screen (which you access by hitting [ENTER]), you can select one active orb (orange) and one passive orb (violet) to use. The former can then be used by hitting [SHIFT]. However...

That's right! Some orbs last longer than others, but eventually, they'll all break. If they don't get stolen beforehand - all your orbs, as magical artifacts, are stored in your dungeons. And others, who go through your dungeons, may steal them then. And leave you without your abilities!

Don't worry, getting orbs stolen in the middle of a journey happens only rarely. You can reduce the chances further by creating good dungeons - higher rated means less stolen orbs!

If you're low on health, you can try to leave the dungeon you're in. Leaving a dungeon means you keep all the wealth you've amassed up to that point, and the creator of the dungeon -- someone from your rival team -- gets nothing. If, on the other hand, you die, you lose most of the money, which goes to the dungeon's creator. Nothing else happens. You'll be asked to give a hint to others - make it a good one, so your successor manages to get further than you!

Ah, yes. You probably angered someone you shouldn't have, and they used the services Konyak - our resident (drunk) witch - provides. You can do that, too: Go to Konyak's Kottage, select a player and a curse, and for just a bit of gold, you can ruin someone's day!

Sorry to hear that! But in Violet Land, hiring gangsters is just scarily easy. Head over to Casa di Cosca if you want to try it yourself - though this service may not be available at all times.

Dungeon Creation

Dungeons are constructed by aligning rooms - drag & drop them together to a confusing maze.

Start by creating rooms (in "My Rooms") - in there, select tiles and choose what you want. Each field can hold one tile (think of it as the floor or wall), and one item/decoration piece/enemy. Remember to leave holes in the walls so you can connect those rooms (place normal, walkable tiles on the edges).

Then, in the dungeon editor, double-click on a room in the list below the grid to get it to the dungeon grid. Then, simply drag it to where you want it! Connect rooms so that white tiles (the previously mentioned holes in the walls) connect with each other. Finally, each dungeon needs exactly one pair of stairs (the entrance), and one golden chest - the goal of each dungeon. Rooms must not overlap. To remove a room from the dungeon, double-click on it. You'll get access to new tiles, items, and enemies the longer you play. Now, get to it - we'd love to see your creations!

The money players find in treasure chests appears there magically and is *NOT* taken from your wealth. If players find enough treasure, they may want to leave the dungeon before finding the huge treasure chest in order to keep it, giving you an extra layer of safety. Even better, if they die in your dungeon, that money that appeared magically in the treasure chest will become yours!