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Private Beta launched!

Welcome to the Private Beta!

We've just launched a Private Beta! About twelve people have been invited to thoroughly test the game we've been developing for the past six years. It took us long enough, right?

So this is a big moment for us and the game, and it's certainly an important milestone. We still have fond memories of our big alpha test many years ago, from amazingly creative Dungeons and very fun and friendly community interaction. Granted, twelve people may not be large enough for these dynamics, but we certainly know that Dungeon Deities holds a lot of potential for players to surprise us developers in lots of fun ways - and that is something we're very much looking forward to!

So, check your E-Mail accounts for an invitation - and do not despair if you haven't gotten one. We're still inviting people later, and a very large, public beta is - hopefully - right around the corner! If you want to join as soon as possible, and haven't notified us yet - then go to our Twitter or Facebook and let us know!

So, without further ado - let's begin, shall we?
Glad to have you!

Posted on 2017-07-04


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