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Visual Update Check - Progress Report July 2014

A lot of time passed since our alpha test. And we do mean a lot. We honestly cannot believe it ourselves. Has it really been more than three years? ... Never mind.

In this post we want to show you a few old dungeons rebuild in the game as it looks today and in this way illustrate the progress on both the client and the homepage with some screenshots. A huge thanks therefore goes out to the alpha testers who created those dungeons!

With the addition of new decoration elements, such as the glowing crystals, and the old columns, this jungle ruin now oozes a mysterious atmosphere. The treasure chests are now 3D-models, and instead of stopping you dead in your tracks when you open them, gold coins and bags pop out for you to collect - that's better feedback, and in turn, more fun. The water reflects the environment, though here you need to look closely to see that.

The login screen of the game now has a little more artistic value. It's also animated! Before, selecting "options" only let you change the sound and music volume, but now, there's a large variety of settings: Remapping your gamepad, checking the credits, or switching the game's resolution can now all be done there. That's right - you can now enjoy Dungeon Deities in FULL HD!!!

Well, what can we say? This room made us laugh back then, and we figured we should honor it by rebuilding it. The "TROLL" is now at a higher level to showcase that option, and the room appears to have more depth due to the fog. A variety of light sources and other effects add to the effect. Also, we messed up recreating the dungeon, by neglecting to make the entrance grass tiles. We humbly apologize to the original creator.

The new room editor features editing without having to reload the page for a smoother experience. It's also more intuitive to navigate, and has many more features. And as you can see, the whole website is much nicer looking now! The old screenshot was used as a "screenshot saturday" back in the day, and the room edited in there was used in many screenshot saturdays - we rarely created new rooms for a screenshot back then.

It now rains in this dungeon, and we've added a few new enemies to this room: A will-o-wisp leaves a trail of fire behind (be careful not to run through it!) and our puzzle-piece enemies panic when they come near you. Also note that you can now choose a background for your dungeon - this evening-sky look is nicer on the eyes as the solid black background you're used to!

By the way, just so we have mentioned it: There's actually golden keys now. In the alpha, there was only that HUD element, forever staying at zero.

We've set the fog settings arbitrarily high to show the effect. With the red fog, the color correction, and the lighting, there's no mistaking this dungeon for anything but a fiery hell! Lava tiles also illuminate their environment, bathing the dungeon in a soft red glow. Add to that the earthquake effect (the sand and little rocks falling from the ceiling) and you see on a glance that this is a hostile environment! But, still, we won't have such strong values in the game most likely - the enemies in the corner are hard to see at a glance, which is something we want to avoid.

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed making it! Going through old screenshots and dungeons, and recreating them has not only been incredible fun, it's also a good homage to our alpha testers, who were absolutely incredible, patient and helpful. While we cannot be sure how many of you still follow our development after three years, we salute you. This post is for you!

Posted on 2014-07-14


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