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Open Beta - Round One!

Today, we're sharing some very exciting news: Dungeon Deities first Open Beta is starting. That's right - you can register and start playing right now.

For this first Round, we'll stop the open registration after a secret number of people have registered. So if you want to join this very first round, you better register quick!

And register you should, so you too can create Dungeons full of traps, mazes and enemies, and enjoy the amazing feeling of tons of people dying in the depths of your lair. Is that a happy smirk on your lips as you read of the tons of gold you've collected from their corpses?

Screenshot of Room Editor

And that's not enough - enter the Dungeons of friends, enemies, and strangers alike, to navigate past their clever puzzles, heartfelt messages, and dangerous encounters, to steal their Orbs: Magical artifacts that allow everything from shooting arrows to summoning dark beasts pulling enemies into the walls. Feel the power! ... Unless someone else steals the Orbs right back.

Screenshot of a dungeon

It's been a long development journey, that's for sure. We hope you have fun as much fun ingame as we had developing the game.

Posted on 2017-07-22


Register now and start exploring the countless awesome dungeons built by your friends and foes. Become a part of Violet Land and help you kingdom to rule the world!