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Client Update 0.8.08

Wouldn't you look at that, a new version was released! This version fixes a few crashes, and most importantly, notably adjusts the balancing of the enemies, for an overall more enjoyable experience! Version 0.8.07 will no longer be able to connect. Better update the game!

  • If you use the Launcher, then the game will update automatically (and if it does not, restart the Launcher. Does not help? Maybe your Antivirus is stopping the download - try the manual download)
  • If you do the whole thing yourself, head over to the "Download Client"-page, and download the newest Version (v 0.8.08).

Here's the Changelog. A more detailed list can be found here.

  • Adjusted enemy health and strength parameters for more enjoyable balance
  • Adjusted drop rates for equipment items
  • FIXED: Fire set by Will-o-wisp enemy did not disappear when changing rooms
  • FIXED: Rare crash due to repeatedly resetting a room
  • FIXED: Crash when resetting a room while a block was sliding on ice
  • FIXED: Rare random crashes
  • FIXED: A second status ailment poem could be triggered before the first one finished playing
  • FIXED: "Lightning"-Orb effect was offset from player
  • FIXED: Under certain circumstances, the enemy healthbar was displayed in the room center
  • FIXED: Hitting AUTO-EQUIP several times could trigger a crash
  • FIXED: AUTO-EQUIP could incorrectly corrupt graphics under rare circumstances

We are currently aware of a rare crash occuring when the player attempts to push a block. This bug is very likely related to the sound being played, but we are still investigating this issue.

If you encounter that bug, please send us the "acklog.txt" file (if it exists) to support[at]dungeondeities.com, before restarting the client a second time. Thanks in advance!

Head over to the forums and discuss this update.

Posted on 2017-07-22


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