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Client Update 0.8.14

Time for yet another update. This time you will also find some new features next to the usual bug fixes.

Here is how you can update:

  • If you use the Launcher, then the game will update automatically (and if it does not, restart the Launcher. Does not help? Maybe your Antivirus is stopping the download - try the manual download)
  • If you do the whole thing yourself, head over to the "Download Client"-page, and download the newest Version (v 0.8.14).

Here's the Changelog. A more detailed list can be found here.

  • A new feature allows subscribers to increase difficulty, for greater rewards
  • Equipped Gear and Orbs is now saved server-side, so no more re-equipping
  • Slightly decreased gear droprates
  • FIXED: It was possible to get stuck when moving down a ladder close to a heightened tile or wall
  • FIXED: It was possible to move through the pillar-decoration items
  • FIXED: Some equipped items would not appear visually on player
  • FIXED: Bridge-tiles at a height of just one higher than the player would be walked through instead of on
  • FIXED: Under certain circumstances, it was possible to get OOB using chests or other items on heightened tiles making up stairs
  • FIXED: Karky can grab the player through walls
  • FIXED: The game would sometimes crash when asking Chardonney to summon Hint Ghosts
  • FIXED: There was a small 2-frame window where a player death would not stop sounds from wizard attacks.
  • FIXED: If a user had only few Orbs, sometimes unassigned orb-slot images would appear at the top of the screen on the Orb Selection screen
  • FIXED: Gearfield would crash or result in very unpredictable behaviour when the storage approached full status
  • FIXED: Non-Subscription behaviour regarding the storage limit is now properly reflected ingame
  • Screenshots are now placed in the "screenshots"-folder. Did you know you can take one with [F6]?
  • FIXED: Particle effects would not disappear immediatly when switching rooms, or dying
  • A crash related to several rotators at a heightened position has been fixed
  • FIXED: Standing underneath a block that fell would not trigger the correct state, leaving the player stuck

Head over to the forums and discuss this update.

Posted on 2017-08-12


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