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Seasons and Ranks

It has been a while, since we started the beta tests and it has been an extraordinary experience for us. There have been a lot of bugs found, which is why our main goal was fixing bugs for the last weeks. But it is even more fun to bring new features to the game. The first big feature update will bring you the Wilderness, a randomly generated extension of the overworld. And though you might be keen on getting more information, we are here to share something different.

As a pre-patch to the overworld extension we deployed a new season and ranking system. Effecitve immediately you are able to earn ranking points by succesfully finishing normal, heroic and discovery journeys. Over time you will be able to rise through the ranks and climb the global ladder. These are the ranks you can achieve:

Squire (Starting Rank)
Commander of Knights
Knight Grand Officer
Grand Master

After a season ends - usually at the end of the month - the top 20 players in the ranking ladder will receive gifts. We will tweak the rewards you'll be able to get from this system over time. For now, you can win up to 50.000 Gold and 200 diamonds! We hope you will have fun with this update! Let us know in the forums or on our Discord.

Posted on 2017-08-10


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