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Upcoming Beta!

Well, well, well. Long time no see. As usual with our posts. But this time everything will change. We promise to write more often. As usual in our posts. But enough about the past, let's have a look what the future of Dungeon Deities holds!

2017-01-23

DevBlog: Overworld

We've added an Overworld to Dungeon Deities! Now, you can explore dangerous forests and more to try and find dungeons created by other players. Help NPCs out and you'll be rewarded with great information about those places - which you can use to equip just the right items and Orbs to steal the dungeon's loot for sure!

2016-05-22

Your opinion is needed! โ€“ The search for a logo

We need your help to decide on a new logo for Dungeon Deities. We posted three of our favorites. Let us know which one you like best. Or maybe you have another idea?

Just try to give us your opinion on the forums, on twitter or on IndieDB.

2014-10-16

Visual Update Check - Progress Report July 2014

In this news post, we look at how some dungeons made by our alpha testers back in 2011 look now with the new system.

Enjoy the direct comparison and see the improvement at each single screenshot.

2014-07-14

So what has changed? - Progress Report May 2014

It's been a while since we had our playable alpha released - and we've improved the game ever since. This post focusses on the items brought up by you as suggestions to improve the game.

Check out this post to see what has changed in those months.

2014-05-10

A new Design! Progress Report โ€“ October 2013

A new beginning with a new homepage. Read about the redesign of our homepage and all the tools you used during the alpha.

If you like what you are reading, share it with your friends and think about signing up for the beta.

2013-10-03